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Food Processors

Food processors can help enormously in the kitchen, doing all sorts of tasks, such as dicing, pulping and shredding in minutes.

Here are some of the best food processors available at the moment.:

Delonghi food processor
The Delonghi 3 in 1 Food Processor. This acts as a blender, food processor and a digital kitchen scale.

You get a chopping blade, a metal whisk, a dough tool, and plus two types of shredding discs, as well as a weighing tray. You can easily adjust the speeds of the processor and blender.

It operates with quiet efficiency. Amazon are selling this for $229.95 (a more than 50% discount) with free shipping. Click here to buy.

To read more about the features of this food processor click Delonghi 3 in 1 Food Processor for details

Ninja kitchen system
The Ninja Kitchen System. This food processor allows you to blend, slice, dice, shred and whisk dough. You get two sharp blades, and two sizes of dough whisk, as well as a dough hook.

You also get a 72 ounce pitcher and a 40 ounce processing bowl.

All in all, a pretty nifty gadget. Amazon are selling this for $159.00 with free shipping. Click here to buy

To read a more detailed review of this food processor, click Ninja Kitchen System for details

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